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This new version of our skin engine has been designed to work specifically on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.

The WinLIFT.DLL, allows you to skin existing un-managed applications with just a few lines of code, it is bundled with a pack of 10 themes (skin + background).

The trial version is provided with several examples, however you can find more in the dedicated forum, or in the Skinroom section.

WinLIFT works in composited mode, that means you can use transparent or semi transparent graphic components showing the overlayed background, that you can change on the fly.

Each Skin theme is provided into a dedicated sub-folder, with a custom .SKS file (SKin Style sheet) that works like HTML's Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). You can use either PNG graphics to create a theme of your own, or the WinLIFT's SKI proprietary format when buying an existing skin pack.

Skinned controls in alphabetic order

Border, CheckBox, ComboBox, Dialog, Edit, GroupBox, Image button, ListBox, ListView, MenuBar, MenuPopup, PushButton, ProgressBar, RadioButtom, Rebar, ScrollBar (system), SDI popup window, Static, StatusBar, SysHeader, System buttons, Tab, ToolBar, TrackBar, TreeView, UpDown.

Skin theme:

Each theme is based on a set of graphic components, that are used to skin the controls and the non-client area of the window this way:

Note: The magenta color, RGB(255,0,255), is used to create the window region on the fly.

A graphic component can have several states, as you can see with the button examples below:

5-state PushButton

(1 = default, 2 = down, 3 = disabled, 4 = focus, 5 = hover)

About the trial version

You can test everything, without any limitation, however to unlock the DLL and remove the nag screen, you will need a private key to distribute the royalty free WinLIFT.dll with your application(s).

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