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Of The Bay (short OTB) is an advanced GDImage project to create a dockbar working on XP, VISTA and W7.

The project itself, written in PowerBASIC, is using only the low level SDK API, to ease the translation to any other procedural programming language.

Of The Bay works in full composited mode. Its dockbar is populated with a copy of the desktop's icon, while the desktop content itself is being cleaned up to show only the wallpaper background (the icons are hidden as long as OTB is running).

Without OTB

OTB running

Popup menu features

• Select change the icon frame.
• Select change the dockbar background layer.
• Show or hide the short cuts.
• Enable or disable the sound effect.
• Change the Windows wallpaper.
• Build a custom OTB config file.
• Edit the OTB config file.
• Restart OTB after a config file modification.
• Close "Of The Bay".


You can use the default Windows icon, or use your own icon set.

Dedicated forum

The complete project is hosted here.

Note: In order to download the full project, you must first register using your real name.

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