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Move the cursor hover a specific thumbnail to display a short description. Clic with the left mouse button on the thumbnail to download the WD project. Use the magnify icon to display a full size preview.



Dreamweaver template by
WD10 - Firework animation.

• Docking button.
• Drop shadow under the window.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
WD10 - 3D image manipulation.

• Ambient light.
• Smooth zooming.
• 3D polar coordinates.
• Mousing, buttons or keyboard to move the picture.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
WD10 - Depth illusion.

• Variable opacity.
• PNG texture.
• Enable/Disable depth test.
WD10 - Panorama 360.

• Virtual tour.
• Smooth zooming.
• 3D polar coordinates.
WD10 - Solar planets.

• Select between 4 planets.
• Fixed stellar background.
• Smooth zooming.
• 3D polar coordinates.
• Mousing, buttons or keyboard to rotate a planet.
GDImage - Sprites with variable opacity.

• Composited layers with alpha channel.
• Event callback to monitor mouse and keyboard.
• PNG transparent.
• Mousing or keyboard to move the sprites.
GDImage - Fast color replacement.

Exposed three methods:

1 - WD paint using dPixelColor (slow).
2 - API DIB section (fast).
3 - GDImage ReplaceRGBColor (high speed).
GDImage - Bouncing sprite.

• Multiple speed.
• Marquee text scrolling hover the background.
• Composided animation.
• Alphablending.
GDImage - Image rotation + text scrolling.

• Full range image rotation (0 - 360°).
• Horizontal and vertical text scrolling.
• Magenta color transparent.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
GDImage - Slide show.

• Create presentation from image play list.
• Optional text legend.
• Specify delay in millisecond for each slide.
• Select transition effect:
Smooth fadind, translucent spiral, panning, checker board, random dot,
wipe to center, stretch from center, etc.

GDImage - Splash screen.

• Low level Alphablend API.
• Use of a gray mask to setup the alpha channel.
• Low level API region.
GDImage - Tachometer.

• Professional looking gauge.
• Switch between gradient or textured background.
• Needle speed adjustment.
WD10 - Image scrolling + thumbnail creation.

This demo shows you how to create a control with scrollbars to display
a large image within your form (using an internal window).

A thumbnail of the large image is created on the fly, using the StretchBlt API
in HALFTONE mode to produce the best result.
GDImage - Handling large image.

GDImage is able to handle large image that won't fit into a standard WinDev's image field.

Most graphic format formats are supported including TIFF produced from scanners
even thos using wrong resolution).

• Smooth zooming.
• Image rotation by step of 90°.
• Horizontal or vertical Flip mode.
WD10 - Exclusive layered skin theme.

Nice graphic interface, mixing transparent and opaque section to create a
VISTA like "AERO GLASS" effect, working with XP and W2K.
WD10 - 14kt skin theme.

This template is a translation of a skin theme,
that was first designed for the WinLIFT SkinEngine.
GDImage - Mirroring.

• This mirror effect can be used with any GDImage's sprite.
• The reflection is computed on the fly using variable opacity.
• Use the mouse or the direction keys to move a specific sprite.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
GDImage - 3D animated carousel.

• Amazing 3D interactive animation.
• Low CPU resources.
• Doesn't require any additional framework.
• Works with any WinDev version.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
GDImage - Icon menu.

• Animated icons being used like a java applet.
• Low CPU resources.
• Doesn't require any additional framework.
• Works with any WinDev version.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
GDImage - Animated text menu.

• Works with any True Type Font.
• Text animation while the mouse hover a specific line.
• Low CPU resources.
• Doesn't require any additional framework.
• Works with any WinDev version.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
WD10 - Component AudioCap.dll.

• Capture on the fly any sound playing on the computer.
• Playing or stealth mode detection.
• Record what you hear into standard wave PCM file.
• Audio spectrum drawn in real time.
WD10 - BlackBox audio+OpenGL.

• Moving 3D object, with pulsating colors changing in the rythm of the music.
• Play any mp3 audio file, using drag and drop from the Explorer.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
WD10 - wTunes audioplayer + CD burner.

wTunes allows you to play sound stream files (mp3, ogg, wav, wma),
MOD music (xm, it, s3m, mod, mtm), MO3 music (mpa3/ogg compressed MODs),
audio CD playback, Winamp "m3u".

• Explorer like interface (embedded Browse For Folder).
• Play list manager.
• High quality audio player.
• 10-band equalizer with DirectX sound effects.
• CD/DVD R and RW burner.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
??? - ????.

??? - ????.

WD10 - Embedded Browse For Folder.

• Display the folder content while browsing from one directory to another.
• The zBff.dll is provided free of charge, as a courtesy, to the WinDev's community.
WD10 - CRM/ERP project screen shots.

This is a 6-month work project, conceived for auditing cabinet.

To navigate the project, clic on any hot spot with the left mouse button.
??? - ????.

??? - ????.

??? - ????.

GDImage - Cube.

"Cube field" GDImage 5.07+

• No wait state during initial start up (doesn't use DotNET framework).
• Each cube face can use a different picture.
• Mouse clic event linked to each of the cube face.
• Grayed disabled mode working with DirectX, OpenGL and 3rd party addons.
• Mousing or keyboard to move the 3D objects.
• Clone mode to display several cubes altogether, with little CPU impact.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
GDImage - PhotoSetup.

Multiple settings + red-eye removal.

• Red, green, blue channels adjustment.
• Brightness, contrast, hue settings.
• Orientation.
• Bicubic enlargement or reduction.
• Easy red-eye removal with "rubber band" selection.
• Auto-crop to best fit the printing on a specific paper size.
• Intercheangeable background.
• Exclusive Skin theme.
GDImage - GoldFish.

Amazing layered composited animation.

• Use only the low level API (no WinDev window).
• Everything is embedded into the "code section".
• Full variable opacity.
• Works with any WinDev version.
GDImage / WD14 - Theme template.

Based on the same concept than "ready-to-use website templates" done for the internet.

• Wallpaper library to customize the composited background on the fly.
• Automatic stretching of the background to preserve the image aspect ratio.
• PNG skin components are embedded into a dedicated subfolder.
• Main window using SDI style with transparent TAB to navigate from one plan to another.
• Common child popup dialog: info, yes-no, input, error, etc.).
• Self centering and adjustement of large pictures with zooming capabilities.
• Immediate slider's thumb move.
• Grayed disabled mode working with DirectX, OpenGL and 3rd party addons.
• Allows you to use static variable in local procedures.
• Trim, Ltrim, Rtrim any leading and trailing characters from string.
• Analog clock.
GDImage / WD14 - Smooth gallery.

It is based on the same concept than the JavaScript used in the "Showroom" section of this site.

• Auto-hide "DockBar", embedding the icons.
• Horizontal and vertical smooth scrolling.
• Variable opacity when the mouse hover the icons.
• Scrolling lateral while mousing hover the arrows.
• Clic on arrow to go to begining or end of the gallery.
• GDImage skinned theme.
• Rotating spinner while processing icon creation.
• Tooltip to show the icon's image name.

In case of gallery customization, better to use image in landscape mode for background compatibility.